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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Selling Radio to (Really) Small Business

December 1, 2017

Small business owner is one of the many qualitative categories reported on by Scarborough. And though it’s not broken down into sub-categories (such as automotive and restaurants are, for example), it’s actually one that I think more attention should be paid to. Why? Because small businesses are essential in every community, and are a great potential source of radio advertising revenue.

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Improving Your Sales Success Starts with YOU!

November 17, 2017

What is your vision of your sales plan for your radio stations in the months and years ahead? Imagine there are no limits to what you can accomplish and how much sales success you can achieve. The truth is, it’s all up to YOU and your attitude.

Most great sales professionals think of their work as their mission. There are seven key result areas of sales success that, if you improve in each of these areas, your sales will increase. These areas represent important parts of the sales process. By mastering these key areas, you will become a much better salesperson.

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Listen Up Apple! Radio’s Listeners’ Lives Matter!

November 3, 2017

You know when struggling newspapers come to bat for radio, the issue at hand must be crucial.

Radio Ink recently reported that “The Philadelphia Enquirer is the latest print publication to call on Apple to make it easier for consumers to listen to FM Radio by flipping on the FM Chip and allowing NextRadio to pop up on iPhones, available for use without consuming data.”

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Winning a Food Fight with Amazon

October 20, 2017

Amazon started by selling books online. Borders is no longer in business. Then it started selling electronics. Circuit City closed its doors.

What many have missed is the fact that Barnes & Noble is still operating at a profit. Best Buy just declared its most profitable quarter in years and its stock is at an 11-year high. Understanding how Amazon will change an industry and properly reacting to this shift is imperative to success and even survival.

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Gray Skies Are Forming on Advertising

October 10, 2017

My condolences to our friends and colleagues affected by this season’s hurricanes. Right now, more than anyone else, they know the tremendous damage gray skies can thrust on a community. With that said…

Economics 101 teaches us that pricing is based on supply and demand. Past blogs have outlined how digital advertising has impacted advertising rates from a supply side. Now, the prices advertisers may be able to charge might be negatively impacted on the demand side.

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