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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

When the Car Becomes Your Living Room

August 11, 2017

For decades, radio had nearly a monopoly on entertainment in your car. It was one of the few diversions that still let you drive safely. In recent years, this dominant position has been challenged by other audio forces like Sirius/XM and the Pureplays. Still, most studies show that traditional radio continues to dominate auto entertainment.

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Recycling 101

July 28, 2017

AQH is made up of two components, Cume and TSL. And TSL is also made up of two components, occasions and durations. An occasion of listening is one tune-in. Duration measures how long the listener stays tuned in.

Plenty of Nielsen research has shown that durations are pretty steady across stations and formats. Programmers should instead focus on increasing occasions.

Increasing occasions is all about recycling – bringing listeners back time and again to garner more TSL.

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“A Face for Radio” No Longer Applies

July 14, 2017

The old adage “a face for radio” doesn’t seem to stand the test of time in a competitive industry that now demands more from its on-air talent. What was once a blind conversation with your daily host is now a multidimensional relationship where you can interact with your fave personalities in a variety of ways.

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You Might Be Surprised to See Where Your Ad Is Displayed

June 28, 2017

Advertisers are convinced they need a digital campaign. All that many care about, including some of the largest advertisers, is getting the right eyeballs to see their ad as cheaply as possible. On the surface this seems to make sense. The solution is programmatic buying, which is presently being led by Google AdSense.

A recent Washington Post article proved that the devil is in the details. Many major and sophisticated advertisers, including Macy’s and IBM, went the route of programmatic advertising. The consequences of this decision had a negative outcome.

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I Am Not a Sales Person, But I Played One Recently …

June 16, 2017

Despite the fact that over the past 12+ years I have supported sales people by mining data to provide materials that help put a station’s best foot forward, overcome advertisers’ objections, and ultimately assist them in winning business, I am not a sales person.

There are those who will debate this, insisting that everyone, in every business, no matter what their title, is in fact a sales person. The idea being that your attitude, customer service, quality of work, etc. all play a part in “selling” your business. And, while this may be a topic for another blog, that’s not my intent for today.

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